Specimen Angling

Every year, whether I’m guiding individually, in small groups of friends or family, or dealing with larger groups, I manage to net a good number of specimen fish, of most freshwater species.

In part, of course, this is because of the wide variety and high quality of the water we have access to. Also, because I am on the bank each and every day, prebaiting is done as a matter of course. Also, I like to think I’m very much in the zone as it were. I’ve really got my finger on the pulse and seem to know where big fish might well be coming out at any given time.

Because of the number of years I have fished, and the number of great fishermen that I have fished with, I’m not bad at the top techniques when it comes to landing specimen fish. Some of these are traditional but I like to think that I mix in the modern as well. Sometimes, modern techniques do need a dash of traditional to bring them really up to speed. And, of course, that works the other way round. In short, I like to think my specimen angling is rooted in the past but has eyes very firmly set on the future.

Let’s see what I can offer when it comes to big fish.