Hi there. I’m John Bailey and a real welcome to my website

If you have come here in search of my writing, you have come to the right place.

As you will know for the last 40 odd years I have been writing for the Anglers Mail at one article a week I dare not think what that adds up to!

With the closing of the magazine I really wanted to carry on the relationship with my readers, I have built up over that time.

Fishing has been my life, the challenges and issues I have written about continue to burn bright. So as they say the show must go on.

So each week or so you will now find my latest article gracing the pages of this website featured on this home page and in the blog section.

I hope you will join me as we continue our fishing journey together.

And do keep a lookout on these pages as I will shortly be introducing an email service so that you can have the articles delivered straight to your inbox each week plus the latest news from me on things like the latest series of Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse Gone Fishing.

What I care about

Over the years, the foundation of my fishing has been built on traditional values applied in a modern way.

These principles will remain the heart of my writing and my fishing.

I believe in fishing, beautiful, unfenced waters where fish are wild

where a love of nature is at the core of what we do. These are precious places in their own right, and there is no such thing as a blank day on lakes and rivers like these.

I believe that the joys of fishing should be shared, not solitary.

Fishing days are the best days, and they are to be treasured with family and the truest of friends.

I believe in trying to pass on the great skills of the past and skills of the present day.

I have been fortunate to have taught by some of the best anglers of the twentieth century, and I have honed their lessons over half a century. Mobility, sight fishing, free-lining, floats and trotting with centrepins are a part. If the fishing is fun and if it is fair, we should fish whatever it takes.

Finally, I believe passionately about respecting and preserving the natural environment.

I care for the future of our rivers, our lakes and the fish and wildlife that abound there because that is the world our children and their children will inherit. Fishing is a unique pastime that provides a haven for many from the pressures of today’s busy world.

“I am passionate about my fishing world and I really hope to share it with you whenever and in whatever way I can – whether that is guiding, through articles and blogs, video or just inspiration” John Bailey



Series three launched to high acclaim

I have had the great pleasure of being the angling consultant on the BBC2 show Whitehouse and Mortimer Gone Fishing. This involved me planning and organising the fishing locations and working behind the scenes with Paul and Bob to ensure the fishing action was ‘on point’ and wherever possible, they caught fish. Paul and Bob have become great friends and were a delight to work with, and as you might imagine they are very much their own men!

When we embarked on this journey, none of us knew how the public would take to the idea of comedy, fishing, breathtaking scenery and heart health. The reaction has been overwhelming as the show has built a keen following amongst millions of viewers across all age groups, backgrounds and sexes. Series three as seen us take in the River Wye, my beloved Norfolk, the Tweed, The River Lea and the Test.