I receive many requests from anglers not predominantly searching for a species PB in particular, but rather those wanting to brush up on a method they are unsure about. I enjoy these days especially. Remember angling is a sport that encompasses many engaging skills.

Touch legering

A thrilling technique that can revolutionise your river fishing approaches. It’s also a useful approach to have in your stillwater armoury as well.

Centrepin mastery

More and more anglers are turning to the pin these days for obvious reasons. The pin is elegant, fishing with it is engaging and the pin is hugely efficient to boot. I would go as far as to say that fishing the float on running water cannot be done adequately with a fixed spool reel. Here, a pin is a must. It is also true that a pin and float rod can master most big fish on stillwater with much lighter gear than you would dream of using with a fixed spool reel. If it is tactile fishing you want, the pin is the way forward.

Stalking techniques

Because my time is always tight, I have tended to use stalking as a major approach for many years now. Walking with Polaroids and binoculars and the lightest gear possible is a great way to explore waters, to hone in on fish and catch unexpected specimens. It’s a method that works equally well on both rivers and stills and is at its height between April and October.

Freelining and rolling baits.

Rolling baits are very much the territory of Ray Walton and I’ve observed the master in action. Freelining, though, has been one of my staple approaches since the 1970s and I like to think I’ve got it largely right. There are times when barbel and chub can be caught on no other method!

Mastering end rigs

A lot of what I do is in the Crabtree mould but fishing for big fish in the modern age also demands an up-to-date knowledge of the most modern techniques, often at the sharp end. My tench, bream and carp fishing exploits over the last ten years have forced me to look very hard indeed at how end rigs behave and how hook baits should be presented.

Lure fishing

I’ve always lure fished and I’ve always been fascinated by the approach. Over the last couple of years, I have been fishing on a weekly basis with that young lure fishing maestro, Robbie Northman. I make no bones about the fact that he is far better than me. If you would like a day out with the two of us, this can be arranged. Believe me, it’s shattering stuff.