To be quite honest, I do not major on carp simply because most of my days run from approximately eight a.m. to approximately five p.m. with a bit of leeway either side, of course. This means that the long stay, bivvy approach is right out.

However, I do get requests for carp and I do have a selection of lakes where big fish, almost completely unfished for, exist.

Over the years, my clients have landed a good number of fish over forty pounds with countless twenties and thirties, all achieved during office hours!


A favourite method for people wanting big fish on a limited timescale. Hugely thrilling, success dependent on skill and a silent approach.

Surface fishing

All surface fishing techniques from crust to cat biscuits.

The eight hour bottom fishing session

You can catch big carp during office hours on the bottom if you know exactly where to find the fish and know exactly upon what they are feeding. Sometimes successes come on modern boily approaches but it is sometimes naturals that do the business.

Crucian carp

Crucian carp are very much part of my world. I’m an active member of the Norfolk Crucian Project and as a result have access to several crucian waters. Big crucians, though, are always an ultimate challenge.