The Fishing

Fishing the seasons

Roughly, the fishing year runs like this. We tend to concentrate on tench and carp in the spring, keeping those species going through the summer but adding crucians and rudd and, of course, the river from mid June comes into focus.

The tench and carp often have a revival in September and October but the river, of course, is coming to the fore now. We are lucky to catch good roach, chub, dace, perch and barbel from running water.


From October through to March, the river really begins to come into its own but, of course, the pike fishing is also sensational.

Exclusive Waters

I am very fortunate to have many exclusive waters at our disposal. I can take you to many, many miles of private riverbank and to at least a dozen private stillwaters. This means we can pretty much guarantee that we will have the waters to ourselves and that my copious pre-baiting won’t fill somebody else’s net.

Wild Fish

We almost exclusively pursue wild fish, that is, fish that have been born in the water and haven’t come on the back of a lorry! Wild fish, to me, are fascinating fish, hard to outwit and almost always glorious to look at. We catch big fish, too. Most years see us land tench to double figures, carp to over forty, two pound river roach, chub to over seven pounds, double figure barbel, double figure bream and pike over thirty pounds. During the 2016/17 pike season, for example, we had thirty-seven pike over twenty and three over thirty. We also lost a forty. Not bad considering this was from a total of seventeen days’ fishing.