Fishing Partnerships

I count myself really lucky through my long angling life that I have built up the most enduring of friendships. I have great mates in the fishing world of mine and I love it when we work together perhaps to improve a fishing experience, find a new fishing venue or working on a fishing product.

For example, Ian Lewis at Handmade Floats are ones that I use pretty well exclusively and Ian has become a great friend and confidante. If I need a special float for a special water for a special fish species, then Ian will oblige. He is always open for a chat and his floats are simply wonderful.

I also work closely with Peter Bennet of Groveley Engineering. Pete and his team are amongst the most advanced precision engineers in the world and I love working with them on projects like the new centrepin for example. Pete is a mastermind when it comes to tackle innovation and his website is well worth watching out for.