I love fish. I love water.

Perhaps I am now at a stage in my life when it is important to give back, to repay the pleasures that have so enhanced my life. I am particularly involved with the lakes and rivers of Norfolk, as you would expect having had my home here for over half a century. I am proud to work with the Bayfield Estate on the restoration of the lake there. This is an admirable project, the object being to bring more and more children into the sport and to learn to enjoy this jewel of a lake in a fabulous setting.

I am a member of the Wensum Working Group whose efforts are tirelessly directed towards the revival and improvement of this iconic river. We work alongside the Norfolk Rivers Trust and closely with the Environment Agency and Natural England. I feel this balance between individuals and scientists is critical to the way forward.

I am a founder member of The Bridge Wensum Roach Project, a gathering of likeminded individuals dedicated to raising roach awareness and, more importantly, the numbers of specimen roach in the River Wensum once again.