Hi there. I’m John Bailey and a real welcome to my website Above all, I like to think my fishing world is built around traditional values but adopting fishing styles and approaches to fit modern circumstances.

I believe in pursuing good fish, even big fish but taken on methods that rely on the skills of the angler, on watercraft and an understanding of how fish feed and behave. Tackle and bait are important but it is the fish that is the focus of my thinking.

I believe in fishing beautiful, unfenced waters where fish are wild and where a love of nature is at the core of what we do. These are precious places in their own right and there is no such thing as a blank day on lakes and rivers like these.

I believe that the joys of fishing should be shared, not solitary. Fishing days are the best days and they are to be treasured with family and the truest of friends. These are often firm fishing friends, dating right back to childhood.

I believe in trying to pass on the great skills of the past and skills of the present day. I have been fortunate to have taught by some of the best anglers of the twentieth century and I have honed their lessons over half a century. Mobility, sight fishing, free-lining, floats and trotting with centrepins are a part of this but there are times when feeders and hair-rigs and carefully laid beds of bait are what is required. If the fishing is fun and if it is fair, we should fish whatever it takes

Finally, I believe passionately about respecting and preserving the natural environment we fish within. I care for the future of our rivers, our lakes and the fish and wildlife that abound there because that is the world our children and their children will inherit. Fishing is a unique pastime that provides a haven for many from the pressures of today’s busy world. Fishing has been the key and the cornerstone of my life and I feel deeply the privilege of passing on the knowledge that I have built up.

“I am passionate about my fishing world and I really hope to share it with you whenever and in whatever way I can – whether that is guiding, through articles and blogs, video or just inspiration” John Bailey

I am hugely grateful to the Anglers Mail for giving me a platform to write about my fishing exploits and share my experience and insights. You can find out about my fishing challenges  in the Anglers Mail – www.anglersmail.co.uk – every week.